Upcoming community events with Perspective Catering

One of Bryan's true passions is working closely with other local vendors, venues, farmers and more. He is proud to be a part of such a unique region where local communities and organizations come together to support one another in their passionate endeavors of all kinds. Below is a sampling of local venues where Perspective Catering is currently booking events.

2024 Local Events


Sunday, July 21 | SooNiPi Hollow Farm


Join Chef Leary and his good friend, Adam Bray of Protectworth Brewing, for a family-friendly farm event at the newly established SooNiPi Hollow Farm in

New London, NH.

Enjoy craft beer tasting, live cooking demonstrations, farm tours, and a wonderful family-style meal on this beautiful summer's eve.

Tastings, demos, and tours begin at 3 pm, followed by dinner at 4:30 pm.

Local Venues

SooNipi Hollow Farm - New London, NH